Quick Post

Ella and Emma have come a long way with the number of words they know! Now we are working on clarity of speech and two+ word phrases: tall tree instead of just tree, brown bear instead of just bear, etc.

I have noticed them really interacting with each other at home lately. Sunday evening I was making a breakfast casserole and the girls played quietly for at least an hour. I could here them giggling and talking to each other. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! One of their teachers told me that when their classes meet up on the playground, they run up to each other and hug like they haven’t seen each other in years. They try to console each other as well… this morning Emma didn’t want to go into her classroom and Ella picked up the paper her sister had thrown down and took it to her, saying “Here you go!” Last night Emma picked up Ella’s bunny, gave it to her and said “Here you go, Lella.” HAND OVER HEART AWW!!

❤ More later!

Ella & Emma playing with the dancing Easter chicken

Ella & Emma playing with the dancing Easter chicken


Update: Development

Ella and Emma have been doing GREAT lately! Last night they were both in good moods and played with us for a long time. I’m so surprised at how much they learned in just the past couple weeks! They both know plenty of words and can appropriately use them. We play a game every day where we ask what noise different animals make and they answer.

Cow: Mooooo! (while throwing the head back)

Rooster: DODDLE DOO! (while throwing the head back, too)

Dog: Ruffruff

Cat: Meow (always real short and to the point.)

Sheep: Baa

Chicken: Bockbock

Dinosaur: RAWR! (with claw-hands)

Frog: Bi-bit (with a little hop)

Bunny: Pop-pop (hop-hop… with a little hop too)

Duck: Quack Quack (this one involves the whole body tensing up and hopping)

Pig: Oink!

Bird: HoooHoooo or peep peep

They can name and point to: eyes, ears, nose, teeth. (With ears, they gently turn your head to touch both of your ears.)

They say sock, shoe, and jacket. Ella can unzip her jacket.

They know “I’m a little teapot,” “Itsy bitsy spider,” and “Ring around the rosy.” Ella sings “Happy Birthday.”

They can say and sign “eat”. They say milk, water, cookie, fork, and cup.

They follow simple commands like “Bring me your blanket” or “Put the doll on the chair.”

They totally interact with each other while playing.

They pretend play like there’s no tomorrow: playing with their kitchen, pretending to eat play food, pretend feeding their dolls and toys.

Emma routinely initiates and plays “Peekaboo” which she calls “PeekBoo.”

They both love looking at books and have pretty much stopped chewing on them.

They eat at a picnic table next to our tall table and use regular forks and open cups (mostly.)

There is a school bus that takes older children to the different school campuses around town that usually leaves right when we get to school. The girls just LOVE watching the school bus back up and leave. It beeps when it backs up and the bus driver always waves. When we pull up, they start saying “School bus?” As it leaves we wave and say “Bye school bus. See you later!”

They also know the names of some colors but not which color is which. Currently everything is pretty much “Lellow” or “Nreen.”

When they mispronounce something, we repeat back the appropriate pronunciation so they know the correct way to say it.

They both say Ella (Lella) and Emma (Memma.) They both respond correctly to their own name but don’t always correctly say their own name yet (sometimes Ella says she is Emma and vice versa.

They don’t have too many temper tantrums and they are usually just when they are tired, didn’t get their way, or they are fighting over a toy. Since they are able to communicate better or at least take us by the hand and take us to where the issue is, life has been much easier.

They had their 2 year check-up on Monday where they ran a blood test. Yesterday the nurse called to let me know the girls are both “non-anemic iron deficient” and that we need to start them on iron supplements. I’m also working on incorporating more iron into their diet and pairing it with Vitamin C-rich foods to help with absorption. We go back to have the blood work checked in six months. Other than that everything is great! they are both around 28 pounds and are 34 inches tall.

Eating supper at the picnic table

Eating supper at the picnic table

They got these bouncy cows for Christmas and are GREAT for the sensory input they need!

They got these bouncy cows for Christmas and are GREAT for the sensory input they need!

Bouncy cow "action shot"

Bouncy cow “action shot”

Update: Ella’s “Spells”

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve had a crazy week. Actually the craziness boiled over from last week into this week.

Last Wednesday at daycare, Ella had a “spell” where she was spaced out for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep afterwards. We’ve noticed that for about six months, she’s had smaller “spells” where she spaces out but they only last for a few seconds and maybe happen once a week. We just thought she was daydreaming so we didn’t think much of it. When she’s spaced out, she won’t respond to her name and isn’t phased by us waving our hands in front of her face. On a few occasions we noticed that she was stiff as well.

We made an appointment with our pediatrician and after seeing him, he referred us to Dr. Jones, a pediatric neurologist in Houston. We saw Dr. Jones on Monday and she had Ella do an hour long EEG, which was quite an adventure. Kyle was a super champ through the EEG and even thought to pull up Daniel Tiger on his Netflix app. The nurse stuck the probes to Ella’s head with adhesive and then with tape. I had to hold her arms down so she wouldn’t pull the leads off which she was NOT happy about. Then they wrapped her head with gauze. The tests consisted of her having a strobe light flashed at her at different intervals, blowing on a pinwheel (too bad she doesn’t know how to yet…) and then her taking a nap (uhhh yeah RIGHT!)


Daddy and Ella watching TV


Investigating the exam room drawers


Waiting for the EEG


Getting leads put on


Wrapping her head with gauze so she can’t pull them off


Action shot of Ella being TOTALLY done with the test… before it even started.


Toddler brain waves


Attempting to get her to take a nap… yeah right!


Daddy’s turn to hold her


Kyle’s thoughts on the whole ordeal

The good news is that the hour long EEG was negative for seizure activity. The bad news is that 1) we don’t know what caused the spells and 2) now we have to do a 24 hour EEG at home on December 1st. A company will come out and attached the monitors and she’ll have a little backpack with a small computer and a monitoring device on her for 24 hours. They come the next day and take it off. Sweet Kyle is going to stay home with her while Emma goes to school.

She hasn’t had any spells that we’ve noticed this week. We just want to know what’s going on with her… both doctors were concerned. Usually when I call about some obscure behavior, they assure me it’s normal, but this time they didn’t. If it’s not seizures, then I have no idea what to think. We’ll see what the 24 hour EEG says and then go from there! Does anyone else have any experience with behavior like this?

Weekend Update!

Halloween was Friday. I didn’t think the girls would want to wear their giraffe jackets all day, so I made them black-eyed peas for school. Their teachers loved it!

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas with deviled-egg mommy

Black-eyed peas with deviled-egg mommy

For trick-or-treating that evening, they went back to being giraffes. They had fun getting candy and then wallowing in it like little piggies.

Wow candy!

Wow candy!

Mommy and her giraffes

Mommy and her giraffes

This weekend the girls played tea party together! It was so cute to watch.


I also let them have their first piece of candy. I think they enjoyed it.


Ella enjoying her Twix bar


Emma with a mouth full of Twix bar

I also had an epiphany this weekend. I order our diapers and wipes from AmazonMom and the wipes package comes with a new dispenser each time. I decided to use some spare dispensers and some scrap fabric to make a nifty activity toy. I used pinking shears to cut the fabric in to rough squares and just pushed them into the dispenser. I will say that the old Huggies tub works better because it has a rubber opening. I had to cut the Pampers one to be a little larger and put tape around the edge so it wasn’t sharp. Ella and Emma had a blast with it! I had to end up making two because the fighting was bad. I usually won’t buy/make two of something but they were really enjoying it and I have a bunch of tubs!


This Saturday was the opening weekend of deer season so Daddy went out of town to hunt. The girls sported their deer shirts while we went to the grocery store AND we were able to use one of the new rocket carts. LOVE IT!

Ella and Emma wearing their deer shirts in the new HEB rocket cart!

Ella and Emma wearing their deer shirts in the new HEB rocket cart!

They both have learned to give hugs and kisses. Oh it just melts my heart!!! I LOVE THEM! Also, I’ve been planning their second birthday party…yeah it’s two months away but I like to be prepared and the holidays will be busy. I’m having so much fun planning everything! It’s going to be a great time!

Update: New words with videos!

Ella and Emma have had a great week and have both added some new words to their vocabularies. Wow are we impressed! Their teachers and therapists are impressed with them as well! Emma is one of the most talkative toddlers in their class and Ella has nailed down her point and loves sitting in the reading nook and pointing at pictures. One cute thing they’ve started doing is when they are done eating, they set their cup on their tray/plate and hand it to us while saying, “Here you go!” which sounds like “he-ew-dough.” Their vocabulary has really grown and we are so thrilled. They are pretend-playing, using blocks, and interacting…all things we didn’t see any of before we started ECI and First Class. They laugh and smile and actually play with each other where before they mindlessly wandered around with blank stares. Now we have two unique little toddlers with big personalities!

Here’s some of their new words”

  • Hi!
  • Cheese
  • Here you go
  • Thank you
  • No and uh uhhh along with a head shake
  • No, no, no. with a hand wave.
  • Whoa!
  • Daddy (They finally associate KYLE with Daddy!!!)
  • Bye
  • Baby
  • Cat
  • Packpack (backpack)
  • “Psh psh” (the noise I make when we drive through a puddle and when they splash in the tub”
  • Plus others I can’t even remember!

They’ve also started hugging and throwing a ball back and forth.

Here’s some videos I took yesterday!

This is Ella saying “Thank you,” “Here you go” and “Bye bye.” Her voice sounds like an old Chinese woman to me HA!!

This is Emma saying “Daddy,” “Packpack” and “Psh psh.”

**For the record, Ella crawls into the car as I’m buckling Emma in and crawls over to her seat. So she IS standing in her car seat but I just haven’t buckled her in yet.**

This Saturday is the St. Philip’s Halloween Carnival and we’re pretty excited. I’ll post some pictures of their costumes afterwards…I’m sure we’ll win HA!