Random Thoughts on Losing a Child

I just wanted to share a few of my random thoughts.

Losing a child makes you part of a really weird club…a club you don’t want to be part of. And you don’t always know who else is in this club. Plus people don’t usually want to talk about the club. All the people in this club have experienced a similar loss but have unique experiences. Some lost babies before they were born. Some lost babies shortly after birth. Some lost young children. Some have lost older children. Some people have recently lost their child while for some it has been many years.

It doesn’t matter at what age you lost your child, how you lost them, or how long it has been…you’ll always have an ache in your heart for them…for what could have been.

Everyone deals with their loss differently. Some are able to move on quickly. Some never recover. Personally, I’m fine most days but every now and then the heartache of my two lost babies hits me out of no where. I am eternally grateful for the two children I have here with me, but I will always remember my two lost babies.

When Ella and Emma are old enough to understand, I’m going to tell them about their brother, Chance, and their sister, Hope.

~You don’t live here on Earth with us…you liveĀ in our hearts instead~