Pumpkin Patch 2014

Kyle and I took the girls to our town’s Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. Although it was humid, we had a good time and got some good pictures. They got to wear their new white shoes and denim dresses which they could care less about but I thought were just adorable. I have decided that I MUST get a real camera. The sun and my iPhone were not cooperating so the photos are not as great as they could have been. Oh well…they sure are cute! I just love my silly toddlers! They are more fun each day and just make my heart so happy! 🙂

It was quite a feat to corral both girls by ourselves but we did it with no meltdowns from them or us. We did have a toddler fall off a bench but she thought it was funny and no one called CPS so we’re good. Our sweet neighbor was there and took a great family photo for us which I just adore.

Here are the best photos from the pumpkin patch! As usual, Ella is on the left and Emma is on the right…except in the pumpkin-licking photo… that’s Ella 🙂



IMG_8143“Because licking the pumpkins is the cool thing to do, Mom!”




IMG_8170“This scarecrow lady is weird but she has goldfish crackers so it’s OK.”


IMG_8181I LOVE LOVE LOVE this family photo!!!