What it’s all about

I took this video this weekend at my dad’s house. This is what it’s all about…

I’ve waited my whole life to sit back and watch my kids splash and play. This is what I yearned for before I became a mother…to see my little family happy. This is what I “just waited” for.

Since Kyle and I made it public that we were pregnant with twins, people felt compelled to tell us every horror story they knew. “My neighbor’s cousin was pregnant with twins and they were born too early and were in the NICU for 6 months and blah blah blah blah.” “Oh twins? Get ready…that’s gonna suck.” “Good luck with that…better you than me.” “Just wait until they start walking and run away from you in opposite directions.” “Just wait until they are both driving.”

I’m not kidding… people actually told us these things.

What in the world is wrong with people!? I can’t STAND when people start out with “Just wait” because it most likely is going to end was some negative, crappy thought.

For example…”Just wait until:”

They are both screaming all night.

They both start talking and won’t stop.

They get sick at the same time.

Ugh. Yes. I know parts of parenting suck. Yes, I also know having TWO kids means sometimes it’s going to suck TWICE AS BAD.

But let me tell you this…most of the time it is amazing.

No one ever said “Just wait until they both hold your hand while you walk.” “Just wait until they both give you kisses.” “Just wait until you get hugs from both at the same time.” “Just wait until they hug each other for the first time.”

For some reason, our society tends to focus on the negative. There is already so much negativity in our lives… so I choose to try my absolute best to focus on the positive, amazing, wonderful parts. It makes the negative parts so much easier to bear.

So when someone tells me “Just wait until ____” I try to answer back with “Oh yes but I can’t wait until they both learn to ride a bike, or learn to write their names, or have their first play at school, or fall in love” or whatever else I can think of to keep myself motivated to think positively.

And when times are tough… when someone is finger painting on the living room wall with who-knows-what or when they unroll a whole roll of TP into the toilet at my friend’s house… I remember my mantra “don’t get mad, get the camera.”

Being a parent is the most amazing, messiest, loudest, sweetest, frustrating, and funniest thing I’ve even done in my life. And I will make it my mission to make sure that every fellow parent I cross paths with walks away feeling inspired instead of dejected.

I want people to realize what being a parent is all about. We are teaching our children how to live in this crazy world. We are molding them for the future. We are nurturing their souls so they learn to find happiness.


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