Update: Ella’s “Spells”

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve had a crazy week. Actually the craziness boiled over from last week into this week.

Last Wednesday at daycare, Ella had a “spell” where she was spaced out for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep afterwards. We’ve noticed that for about six months, she’s had smaller “spells” where she spaces out but they only last for a few seconds and maybe happen once a week. We just thought she was daydreaming so we didn’t think much of it. When she’s spaced out, she won’t respond to her name and isn’t phased by us waving our hands in front of her face. On a few occasions we noticed that she was stiff as well.

We made an appointment with our pediatrician and after seeing him, he referred us to Dr. Jones, a pediatric neurologist in Houston. We saw Dr. Jones on Monday and she had Ella do an hour long EEG, which was quite an adventure. Kyle was a super champ through the EEG and even thought to pull up Daniel Tiger on his Netflix app. The nurse stuck the probes to Ella’s head with adhesive and then with tape. I had to hold her arms down so she wouldn’t pull the leads off which she was NOT happy about. Then they wrapped her head with gauze. The tests consisted of her having a strobe light flashed at her at different intervals, blowing on a pinwheel (too bad she doesn’t know how to yet…) and then her taking a nap (uhhh yeah RIGHT!)


Daddy and Ella watching TV


Investigating the exam room drawers


Waiting for the EEG


Getting leads put on


Wrapping her head with gauze so she can’t pull them off


Action shot of Ella being TOTALLY done with the test… before it even started.


Toddler brain waves


Attempting to get her to take a nap… yeah right!


Daddy’s turn to hold her


Kyle’s thoughts on the whole ordeal

The good news is that the hour long EEG was negative for seizure activity. The bad news is that 1) we don’t know what caused the spells and 2) now we have to do a 24 hour EEG at home on December 1st. A company will come out and attached the monitors and she’ll have a little backpack with a small computer and a monitoring device on her for 24 hours. They come the next day and take it off. Sweet Kyle is going to stay home with her while Emma goes to school.

She hasn’t had any spells that we’ve noticed this week. We just want to know what’s going on with her… both doctors were concerned. Usually when I call about some obscure behavior, they assure me it’s normal, but this time they didn’t. If it’s not seizures, then I have no idea what to think. We’ll see what the 24 hour EEG says and then go from there! Does anyone else have any experience with behavior like this?


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