Weekend Update!

Halloween was Friday. I didn’t think the girls would want to wear their giraffe jackets all day, so I made them black-eyed peas for school. Their teachers loved it!

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas with deviled-egg mommy

Black-eyed peas with deviled-egg mommy

For trick-or-treating that evening, they went back to being giraffes. They had fun getting candy and then wallowing in it like little piggies.

Wow candy!

Wow candy!

Mommy and her giraffes

Mommy and her giraffes

This weekend the girls played tea party together! It was so cute to watch.


I also let them have their first piece of candy. I think they enjoyed it.


Ella enjoying her Twix bar


Emma with a mouth full of Twix bar

I also had an epiphany this weekend. I order our diapers and wipes from AmazonMom and the wipes package comes with a new dispenser each time. I decided to use some spare dispensers and some scrap fabric to make a nifty activity toy. I used pinking shears to cut the fabric in to rough squares and just pushed them into the dispenser. I will say that the old Huggies tub works better because it has a rubber opening. I had to cut the Pampers one to be a little larger and put tape around the edge so it wasn’t sharp. Ella and Emma had a blast with it! I had to end up making two because the fighting was bad. I usually won’t buy/make two of something but they were really enjoying it and I have a bunch of tubs!


This Saturday was the opening weekend of deer season so Daddy went out of town to hunt. The girls sported their deer shirts while we went to the grocery store AND we were able to use one of the new rocket carts. LOVE IT!

Ella and Emma wearing their deer shirts in the new HEB rocket cart!

Ella and Emma wearing their deer shirts in the new HEB rocket cart!

They both have learned to give hugs and kisses. Oh it just melts my heart!!! I LOVE THEM! Also, I’ve been planning their second birthday party…yeah it’s two months away but I like to be prepared and the holidays will be busy. I’m having so much fun planning everything! It’s going to be a great time!


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