Update: First Place Group Costume!

Wow. WOW. What an adventure the St. Philip’s Halloween Carnival was on Saturday! Kyle and I stayed up late Friday night putting the finishing touches on the wagon and it was worth it because we won best group!

Daddy was a zookeeper for his two little giraffes in their mobile zoo exhibit.

This is our first year doing to costume contest and honestly…probably our last until the girls are older and decide to do it on their own. The group contest is after all the individuals and keeping the girls happy for 45 minutes without destroying the wagon/cage was a challenge. My sister ended up buying some little bags of Chex Mix and we fed the girls piece by piece until it was time to go up and I “accidentally” dropped a handful of pieces in the bottom of the wagon. Best. Idea. Ever.  Kyle was a champ, too! I know he secretly loves stuff like this. HA! Anyway, we had fun, we won, and we’re done!


Unimpressed toddlers 🙂


Happy family!


The wagon/cage/exhibit. Please note the themed wrapping paper 😉

Checking each other out

Checking eachother out

The sign I made for the back

The sign I made for the back


About to go on stage


Work it, Zookeeper Daddy!


Happy Daddy!


The winners from all the categories! check out that Edward Scissorhands!


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