Update: New words with videos!

Ella and Emma have had a great week and have both added some new words to their vocabularies. Wow are we impressed! Their teachers and therapists are impressed with them as well! Emma is one of the most talkative toddlers in their class and Ella has nailed down her point and loves sitting in the reading nook and pointing at pictures. One cute thing they’ve started doing is when they are done eating, they set their cup on their tray/plate and hand it to us while saying, “Here you go!” which sounds like “he-ew-dough.” Their vocabulary has really grown and we are so thrilled. They are pretend-playing, using blocks, and interacting…all things we didn’t see any of before we started ECI and First Class. They laugh and smile and actually play with each other where before they mindlessly wandered around with blank stares. Now we have two unique little toddlers with big personalities!

Here’s some of their new words”

  • Hi!
  • Cheese
  • Here you go
  • Thank you
  • No and uh uhhh along with a head shake
  • No, no, no. with a hand wave.
  • Whoa!
  • Daddy (They finally associate KYLE with Daddy!!!)
  • Bye
  • Baby
  • Cat
  • Packpack (backpack)
  • “Psh psh” (the noise I make when we drive through a puddle and when they splash in the tub”
  • Plus others I can’t even remember!

They’ve also started hugging and throwing a ball back and forth.

Here’s some videos I took yesterday!

This is Ella saying “Thank you,” “Here you go” and “Bye bye.” Her voice sounds like an old Chinese woman to me HA!!

This is Emma saying “Daddy,” “Packpack” and “Psh psh.”

**For the record, Ella crawls into the car as I’m buckling Emma in and crawls over to her seat. So she IS standing in her car seat but I just haven’t buckled her in yet.**

This Saturday is the St. Philip’s Halloween Carnival and we’re pretty excited. I’ll post some pictures of their costumes afterwards…I’m sure we’ll win HA!


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