Picture: Listening to Mommy Read

We went over to my Dad’s house Sunday evening for supper. Ella and Emma had a blast at “Papa’s” house and even chased and caught tree frogs. We let them run around and play in the back yard for the majority of the visit but when they started getting antsy, I sat them in their high chairs and read to them. My sister snapped this photo as they peacefully watched me flip the pages.



Emma said “packpack” and Ella said “moo” this weekend . Ella has been nodding and shaking her head to communicate and it’s so funny. Emma had bit her at school and when the teacher told me about it, I asked Emma, “Did you bite your sister?” and Ella came over and intensely nodded her head with this little smirk on her face. HA! I’ve got to catch her on video doing it. Emma has been excitedly saying “Ooooooo!” at everything. Sometimes she crouches down to examine something (like a crack in the sidewalk) and says “Ooooooo!” with such animation. She does it randomly when Kyle and I are talking and we stop and mimic “Ooooooo!” back at her.

I’ve been working on their Halloween costumes little by little but now it’s crunch time. I’ll write a post about that adventure closer to Halloween. It’s getting to be the busy part of our year. I start thinking about the events we have coming up and then it’s a slippery slope of obligations almost every weekend until January. I recently decided to reorganize my life in general and I can really tell a difference in my attitude. I’ll write a post soon about my binder system and cleaning schedule, too.

I’ve accumulated a lot of new followers lately and I want to say “Welcome and thanks for reading!” If you have any questions about me, my twins, how we make it work or anything, let me know! I have a vast amount of knowledge that I’d love to share!



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