Recipe: Something Different! Oreo Popcorn

Y’all. I adapted a recipe I found and it’s ahh-mazing. It was a huge hit and would make a great treat anytime. Here’s my recipe for Oreo Popcorn!

Oreo Popcorn


1 bag of whatever kind of microwave popcorn you have

15 Oreo cookies (if you are adventurous, use a fun flavor like mint or birthday cake)

1/2 package of vanilla almond bark (Do NOT get chocolate chips. It just doesn’t work. Trust me.)

Pop the bag of popcorn like you normally would. After it cools, sort out the unpopped kernels and any runty pieces.

Smash and smush the cookies in a zip-lock bag until they are sufficiently busted up If you leave bigger chunks, they turn into amazing bits of chocolatey goodness. I laid a dishtowel over the bag and pummeled it with a can of Ranch Style beans, but feel free to use whatever method works best for you HA!

Toss the cookies and the popcorn together. I used a rectangle Tupperware marinating container which doubles as a serving dish when you are done.

Melt half the package (6 squares) of almond bark in the microwave. You can do a double broiler if you want bonus points but it makes no difference. I did 90 seconds, stirred, 15 seconds, stirred and then it was perfect. The time will vary based on your microwave.

CAREFULLY use a spatula to dump the melted almond bark on the popcorn/Oreo mixture. Kyle gave me a hand with this because the bowl was hot and my oven mitt was slippery. Just be careful because the bark is very hot.

After you’ve dumped the bark, use the spatula to cover up the exposed melted almond bark with popcorn. Otherwise when you go to shake it, all the bark might end up sticking to the lid, thus depleting the bark to Oreo to popcorn ratio.

Now shake it up! Do your best to coat the popcorn by shaking every which way.

Let the container rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Oreo Popcorn

This is a really quick treat to make. It has kept well in my fridge for at least two days now. I think it tastes best when it’s cold. If you wanted to get all crafty you could make little baggies for gifts. Oh! Or use pumpkin Oreos and have it for Halloween. Oh! Or make popcorn balls! Whatever you do, enjoy this recipe and make it your own.


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