We’re Not "Instagram-Perfect"

We are definitely not an “Instagram-Perfect” family. Usually my perfectly planned ideas turn into bow-pulling, sister-pushing, snot-bubbling, meltdown flops. And that’s OK. That’s what is really happening. That’s real life. I still take about 30 pictures to try to get a halfway decent one, but usually I settle for a blurry, semi-smiling/shrieking shot of my duo. But to be honest, I really like the real-life shots. I want to look back at these pictures with my girls years from now and explain that this is what life was really like. Messy. Blurry. Chaotic. Snotty. Fun.

I have to remember that my kids don’t care if the towels are folded right away or if the floor gets mopped or if I have an album full of perfect pictures. They do care, however, if we love them and are there for them. Well actually I’m pretty sure right now they just care that we feed them a steady supply of fruit, milk and bunny crackers. But I’m setting the stage for the future. And that’s “real-life.”

Here are some of our “real-life” moments:

Easter was exhausting for Ella.
This was not an egg-celent idea.
Wining “Gold” in the Radio Flyer Luge Olympics
isn’t as exciting as I’d hoped.
I asked Emma to stop kicking her sister.
The “first day of school” photo didn’t go over so well.
Ella figured the picture frame looked tasty.
Emma did NOT like my “picture chair” song. At all.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!


Tell me what you think!

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