The Citzler Circus

And true to form it’s been almost a year since my last blog post…oops! I promise I’ll get better!

I’ve learned in the past year that life with twins is a circus… not in a bad way, but in a “bright lights, odd smells, and lots of fun commotion” kind of way. We are learning how to juggle every single day and it’s not easy with Kyle and I both juggling full-time jobs, housework, budgets, chores, and toddlers.  It’s a majestic balancing act that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Each day is a learning experience for us and we are constantly adjusted our routine…adapting and overcoming as we like to say. I will say this: these kids make us LAUGH! I can truly say that my heart is filled with joy because of my girls. Every weekday around 4 o’clock I start getting excited because it’s almost time to pick them up from school and I just can’t wait to see them! Yes, its hard work taking care of them and maintaining a home, but boy oh boy is it worth it when they smile when they see me.

So here’s an update on the girls:
On the 14th, Ella and Emma will be 20 months old, or as I like to say “just over a year and a half” because the whole “perpetual month” thing gets on my nerves. Anyway. They started daycare at the new First Class Children’s Center and they/we love it. We had them evaluated by Early Childhood Intervention a few months back and it was determined that they both have about an eight to nine month developmental delay. To help with that, they are now seen by a team of three therapists on a regular basis at their daycare. We have seen much improvement in the girls since they started daycare and the ECI visits and are confident that they will catch up. Right now Emma says “See,” “Pig,” “Ball,” “Bubble,” and “Uh oh.” Ella says “No,” and “Uh oh.” The trend we’ve always seen in the girls is for one to be slightly ahead of the other for a bit and then the other slingshots around in front. They did that with all the major milestones so we aren’t concerned about the difference in vocabulary.

Recently they started fighting with each other. Even though they are the cutest little pushing matches, we are trying our best to keep them in check. They push each other to be closest to me when we walk or sit on the couch. They push each other over toys and books. They push their classmates if they get close to me when I pick them up from school. If I’m playing with one, the other comes over and starts pushing her sister. It’s hard to make sure I give them both enough equal attention. When we found out that we were having twins, this was one of the things that worried me (you know… one of the 1,000,000 things that worried me!) I just have to find solace in the thought that it all evens out at the end of the day, right?

It all boils down to this. I’m happy. Kyle’s happy. E&E are happy. Penny’s happy too since the girls throw her food when they eat. All I ever wanted was for my family to be happy. We aren’t rich. We don’t have all the newest, nicest things. But we do have a house filled with love and laughter. And I think that’s all that really matters.


Here are some pictures from the past year (Ella on the left, Emma on the right):

Family Picture: 6 months old
First Halloween
First Christmas
One year old photo shoot
First Birthday Party
Marooned out for the 2014 Aggie football season

Remember: it’s all about love and laughter and happily ever after!


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