Seven months old!

Ella and Emma are seven months old now! They now roll over with ease and love bouncing. They love eating veggies but we are still getting used to baby meats. After they have a few more weeks of meats under their belts, we can move on to fruits. After that they will have baby cereal for breakfast and regular meals and bottles throughout the day. They both started teething at the same time last week and each have two sharp chompers. Kyle and I took the week off and tried going to Rockport with Kyle’s family but it didn’t work out. We left Tuesday after a few rough days of super fussy babies. They needed their regular routine and familiar space I guess. They are still pretty fussy but it’s a little easier to soothe them here. They are almost crawling and almost sitting up. Give them a week or so and they’ll have it down. Ella and Emma are now sleeping unswaddled and in their own cribs. It was a rough transition but after only two really tough nights they were sleeping through the night (a few nights they woke up because of their teeth but it’s been a few days since.)

One of our favorite baby items recently has been our Sophie Giraffes. I highly recommend this teething toy. Sophie is easy for tiny hands to hold, feels good on achy teeth/gums, and squeaks when squeezed or bitten or bonked on your sister’s head. She is made of all natural stuff and smells like natural rubber which is apparently baby crack. They do get really slimy and need to be rinsed occasionally but the girls really like them. I plan on getting custom “Sophie-leashes” made from Etsy to keep slimy Sophies from getting thrown from the stroller and lost, or worse, dirty.  Evidently I haven’t taken any pictures of the girls with their Sophies…sometimes having two babies makes life a little busy ha! Here’s an internet picture of what they look like:

One last thought. Stop telling mothers “Just wait.” Being a mom is scary, overwhelming and exhausting (and amazing, heartwarming and wonderful)… But don’t add fuel to an already stressed mom’s fire. Don’t downplay her trials or make her feel weak. “Just wait until they both get sick at the same time. Just wait until they start walking and get into everything. Just wait until you have to pay for college.
Yes, it’s hard. Yes, tough times await. But remind me of why I prayed for a baby. Remind me that one day they will say “I love you, mom”. Say “Just wait until they hug you. Or reach up to hold your hand.” Tell me you understand and that it is so worth it. I get so disheartened when people tell me how horrible my life is about to be. Yes I have two babies. Yes it’s hard. But why not build me up instead of tearing me down? “Double trouble?” No. Double blessings. Double kisses and snuggles. Twice the joy. Twice the giggles, twice the grins. Look out world, we have twins. 
I’ll leave you with a comparison of the girls at two weeks versus seven months. 
Ella is on the left and Emma is on the right. 


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