Wait and See

My first positive ovulation test.
I’m proud.

 It’s been an interesting month. Actually it’s been an interested past few months. Kyle started his job at the Central Appraisal District in September and really enjoys it. He gets great benefits and spends time in the office and out in the field which he likes. Definitely not as important but I did put my belly button ring back in… I can’t remember how many months ago it was but it’s in there!
Kelsie had her baby boy, Rowdy, on December 2nd. Kyle and I took off of work to go visit her, then Kyle’s mom and I went again Saturday and had a pretty deep bonding experience.
On Sunday the 4th I started my first round of Clomid. I decided to not tell Kyle so that he wouldn’t get nervous. My sister gave me my trigger shot on the 14th and for the first time I’m aware of, I ovulated on the 15th. Today I took my first pregnancy test of the cycle so I can “test out” of the HCG… it sure made me smile to see that “pregnant” show up on the test even if I know it’s a false positive. I’m hoping to “test out” of the HCG before Christmas so that I MIGHT be able to surprise Kyle on the 25th. If not I’ll just have to wait until the 29th or 30th. So I just tell myself… wait and see!


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