We bought a house in April.
Kyle started a new job at CarpetOne July 1st.
On July 11th we celebrated our one year anniversary.
I went to the doctor on July 21 and she started me on a round of Provera to stop my bleeding, which didn’t stop until my next appointment on August 18th.
During that follow up appointment I was diagnosed to PCOS and referred to specialists in Houston.
September 1st was my first appointment with Dr. Chauhan. He ordered a slew of tests to be completed on certain days of my next cycle and advised me to take 7 days of Provera for the next few months before we start Clomid.

We can’t decide what we want to do. We’re in a bind for money and I’m about to start my teacher training, which is even more money. I don’t want to be “very” pregnant for the beginning of August (the beginning of the school year.) There’s a long list of pros and cons to go over. Kyle and I have been talking about it more and more lately… what to do?


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