A few nights ago all I dreamed about was AF coming. It was pretty disappointing to wake up after that. This has totally gotten me down because it’s like we can’t even try. A big fat NO! Regardless of what we do, it’s out of our hands and it’s driving me nuts. I have an appointment with Dr. Gubbels on February 1. If things haven’t started up by then he can give me some magical medicine to jump start things.
That’s great but it’s two months away. In the grand scheme of things that’s not really that long but I can literally hear the clock ticking in my ears.
My mom said she wanted another grandbaby for Christmas… How wonderful would that be! But that means I’d have to start…. now. And as big as I am I can only imagine the amount of Depo built up in my lard. I wish I could have done a better job convincing Kyle back in August that I shouldn’t get the shot again. But I screwed that up. I had no idea it could take so long for the Depo to get out of my system. I hope six months from now I’m not looking back still with no AF.
Ugh. I hate waiting.


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