I have endometriosis. I had surgery to remove lesions, cut apart my organs and remove masses in 2006. I was on BC of some form or other since I was 17. I decided that my DepoProvera shot in August would be my last. On November 12 I met with my Ob/Gyn and discussed TTC. He told me that the Depo stores in fatty tissue so it may take a while before it is finally out of my system. He mentioned that the surgery may have scarred my body but we don’t know how badly yet. He mentioned too that being on BC for so long has hindered my body’s ability to ovulate.
So we wait. We wait for the Depo to get out of my system. We wait for my body to start cycling again. And we wait for my hormones to get back in check. Our goal? Ovulation. If I can ovulate, we might just be good to go.
We haven’t told Kyle’s family yet that we are getting this in motion. I don’t need their pressure.


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