Well hello there!

Welcome to my life, in blog form. My husband and I just recently got married and are slowly but surely getting situated. Our current adventure is house hunting, which I would like to say is toture not as fun as it is looks like on TV. This tax credit that the government is offering is a really great opportunity, but I don’t want to just jump on any old house, literally. Anyway, I’ll fill you in as the saga unfolds.

In other news, Nip/Tuck is on tonight! I’ll admit.. it’s our guilty pleasure. Kyle and I decided when we first moved in that we would not get cable. We only have a few hours together each day and we didn’t want to waste them in front of the TV. So we mooch off of whoever is willing to share their TV on Monday (House) and Wednesday (Glee & Nip/Tuck.) It’s a win/win.


Tell me what you think!

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